Welcome to the University of Florida Emerging Pathogens Institute COVID-19 Research Study for community first responders, front-line providers, and essential workers.

This testing program includes voluntary RESEARCH testing and uses supplies and test kits provided by the University of Florida Emerging Pathogens Institute for which FDA approval is pending. These kits have not yet received FDA or CDC approval, but have been demonstrated to be robust.

This is only for healthy participants. If you are currently sick or exhibiting symptoms please contact your health care provider.

If you have any questions regarding the informed consent form, questionnaire, or scheduling, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us Monday through Saturday at 352-733-3999 or EDResearch@health.ufl.edu.

The results of your swab testing will be provided to you via email or phone within 24 to 48 hours. The processing of blood samples are currently underway and your results may take several weeks. Since this is a research test, please confirm your test results via standard CDC testing as feasible.

If you would like to have antibody testing (SERUM), please note these appointments are only available at the Main UF Health Shands ER from 700 to 1200. The appointments are limited and are denoted by the name UFEDSERUM. The table below is updated automatically, it will let you know if any are available.

This survey may take between 5-10 minutes. All of your responses and participation will be completely confidential.

If there are no serum appointments available, please do not email or call asking to be scheduled for one. Exceptions can not be made.